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Chevron GR8 Challenge Series

Chevron GR8 Coupe is powered by a Cosworth 2.0 L YD race engine with 255 bhp at 8200rpm. With a weight of around 600 kg, the GR8 will have a power to weight ratio in excess of 400 bhp per tonne.New Chevron GR8 Challenge Series coupe will have Cosworth power.Chevron Racing Cars has released a concept study of the new mid-engined GR8 coupe for the BARC’s one-make Chevron GR8 Challenge. The Series opener is planned for April 2010.The GR8 concept rendering, which Chevron confirms is fairly close to the final design, reveals a discernable relationship to its illustrious predecessor, the Chevron B8, an enduring favourite with historic sporstcar competitors. Fabrication of the GR8 prototype is in progress and development testing is scheduled to commence in January.The new ompetition coupe will be powered by a Cosworth 2.0L YD race engine developing 255 bhp at 8200 rpm. The four cylinder unit has been chosen for its combination of lightness, durability and all-round economics. With a weight of around 600 kg, the GR8 will have a power to weight ratio in excess of 400 bhp per tonne.

Ford Edge Sport 2011


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